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High Calorie Foods to Fight Weight Loss

When I was going through treatment, there were always high calorie foods in the chemo suite for patients to nibble on, typically sugary snacks like cookies and doughnut holes. I asked one of the oncology nurses who looked after me about this. Shouldn’t the snacks be healthier? She said that so many patients have problems eating during chemo causing debilitating weight loss, that the nurses tried to emphasize the importance of eating whatever high calorie foods a patient could manage during treatment to keep weight on, and that aside nutrition shakes like Ensure or Enu, choices like ice cream, donut holes and even fast foods, although counterintuitive from a healthy eating point of view, were worthwhile to help patients maintain their weight.  If you want to try to stay on the healthy side of eating, some of our own seemingly counterintuitive suggestions are:

Here are some healthier ideas for high calorie foods to help you keep the weight on

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