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Sidelining The Side Effects: Sore Mouth

Some chemotherapy can have terrible side effects on the mouth, causing canker sores and overall discomfort. Radiation to oral areas is also a major cause of difficulties in chewing and swallowing.

Some basic tips are:

-Avoid eating spicy hot foods, like chilies
-Avoid eating highly acidic foods like tomatoes
-Eat foods that are bland
-Eat either very soft or pureed foods like soups or smoothies, so that can they be easily swallowed
-Most veggie soups can be pureed or liquidized for easier swallowing even if the recipe doesn’t call for it
-If treatment has made your mouth very dry, try adding soft fatty foods like avocado or full-fat Greek yogurt to blended drinks and soups to make them easier to swallow
-Don’t eat food that is too hot in temperature. Warm or cold are best

Here are some easy on the palate recipes:

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