Have you ever considered posting about detoxifying foods and teas post-chemo?

Many cancer survivors, having completed their chemotherapy, feel a need to “detox.” They want to clear the drugs out of their system and take control of their body again. Rather than “detox,” I like to think of it as rebalancing the system – adding foods that provide protection and support the liver in one of its primary jobs – clearing toxins from the body. I am proposing here a very gentle cleanse. If you are in treatment or just finished, you should do a vigorous cleanse only with the guidance of your healthcare team.

The cleansing action has two parts, so you want to address both. The first takes place in the liver and essentially neutralizes toxins and makes them water soluble. In the second phase, they are flushed out through the kidneys or the digestive system. Here are some foods that can support this process, but keep in mind, this list isn’t exhaustive.

Liver Phase: lean protein, beans, eggs, nuts/seeds, tofu, yogurt, garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, avocado, cantaloupe, apricots, citrus fruit, berries, green/white tea, turmeric, mustard

Excretion Phase: water, fiber (whole grains, fruits, vegetables)


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