Pie, let’s face it, comes looking for you during the holidays. But there are plenty of other festive dessert options that add grace and lightness to the holiday table. These alternatives from Food & Wine are also easier options, good for when you don’t feel like spending hours rolling out piecrust and making mincemeat.

Autumn and winter produce and dried fruits are a great way to showcase seasonal bounty during the holidays, and a good way to get some added vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants on the table. The following two recipes are chosen with a combination of ease and health in mind.

Chef Paula Wolfert’s poached pears are elegant and easy. With hints of cinnamon and clove, the pears are delectable and the prunes become almost caramelized. The dessert is great on its own or served with a dollop of frozen yoghurt or sorbet. The leftovers – if by some miracle there happen to be some — also make tasty topping for granola the next morning.

This citrus salad, created by chef Jason Travi, is even simpler. All you need is an assortment of citrus fruits and a sharp knife. The dessert is colorful, refreshing, and loaded with vitamin C, which helps to keep up energy and boost immunity. The candied ginger adds a bit of spice, and is good for both nausea and digestion. This is also as healthy as it is delectable, and another combination that tastes just as good for breakfast, with Greek yoghurt, as it does for dessert. The compote is high in antioxidants, thanks to the cranberries, and also high in fiber, thanks to the dried fruit. It’s beautiful ruby color makes it an aesthetically pleasing ending to a holiday meal, and it’s a dessert that will refresh rather than overwhelm.



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