Can Greek yogurt shakes for breakfast and lunch be used as a meal replacement? I’m trying to lose weight. 

You are on the mark with thinking of using a supplement shake as a meal replacement for weight loss.  The practice is to have a shake for breakfast and lunch, then consume a “normal,” well balanced dinner. Generally, there would also be a couple of snacks included.

However, you may notice that manufactured supplement shakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals to make up for at least some of the nutrients in a meal, and are well balanced between protein, carbohydrates and fat. They may also have some fiber added. In making your own shakes with a Greek-style yogurt, you would not be replacing all the nutrients you miss in a meal.

While using shakes is a successful strategy for some (but not all) dieters, I would recommend it only in the short term. First of all, it does not provide the astounding array of nutrients found in foods.  And second, over the long term, it can be difficult to stick with a diet that is so far outside the normal eating pattern. Ideally, long term, you want to establish a diet with whole foods that supports not only your health, but also a healthy weight.



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