February is National Cancer Prevention Month and a great time to recognize the continuing support we get from our friends at Wyman’s of Maine. Wyman’s believes in both protecting people and the planet. With their efforts in sustainable agriculture they hope to continue to provide future generations with the cancer-fighting benefits of Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit. 

According to the World Health Organization 1/3 of all cancers can be prevented. A combination of avoiding the bad and adding more of the good can help steer you in the right direction towards cancer prevention.  According to the American Institute for Cancer Research three guidelines can help you focus on what’s really important for health. 1. Get plenty of fruits like Wyman’s Of Maine fresh frozen fruit as well as vegetables and limit processed foods and red meats. 2. Stay physically active and move every day. 3. Aim for a healthy weight throughout life.

Luckily, the health benefits of fruit can help us focus on all three of these guidelines. Of course fruit whether fresh or frozen like Wyman’s is a plant-based food and should make up a large percentage of your diet along with vegetables, but it also provides necessary energy to sustain an exercise routine. Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit is an easy way to get fruit on your plate which can help replace more fattening sweets and will provide plenty of fiber, helping you stay on track.

No one type of food or drug can protect us from cancer. But a combination of different healthy foods can help us put up a good fight.  Fruits are low in calories and can help us maintain a healthy weight. Excess body fat has been linked to seven different types of cancer. Government and health agencies tend to agree that we could all use more fruits and vegetables. Only 33% of Americans get their daily recommended value of fruit. Check out the CDC’s calculator to see how many servings your body needs every day. It can be hard to get in the right amount especially in the dead of winter, but with the help of Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit the taste and cancer-fighting health benefits of summer are right at your freezer door. And you’d be surprised that with the convenience of Wyman’s you can get a serving of fruit into every meal of the day seamlessly from sweet to savory.

If you need more convincing to grab for a bag of Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit, remember that there is still so much promising information about fruits that we are learning every day. For instance we know that fruits, particularly berries are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are believed to go after free radicals that are created naturally in our bodies and by outside chemicals. According to the National Cancer Institute lab and animal research has found that antioxidants can stop free radicals in their tracks before they cause damage associated with cancer. Even though we are still at the very beginning of this research, and still don’t know the power that fruits actually have in terms of free radicals, we do know that eating plenty of them including Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit in combination with vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins is a great way to help our bodies stay healthy! So dig into a bag of Wyman’s and start a pathway to better health.




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