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Sporting a brilliant bright gold hue, turmeric is made from the dried rhizome (rootstalk) of the turmeric plant. It has been used for millennia in Middle Eastern and...

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Chocolate Guide

Chocolate chips and cocoa powder aren’t often what you’d think of as pantry staples, but when Valentine's Day, a potluck, or simply a sweet craving come along, they’re...

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Olive Oil

Olive oil packs some calories, but it more than makes up for that in benefits. Just as a car needs lubricant to run smoothly, the body needs fat...

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Powerful Prunes By Alyssa Adler Aside from prunes helping soften the stool, did you know that prunes contain nutrients that preserve bone health?  Especially for cancer patients, it is important...

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Packed like Sardines By Alyssa Adler Sardines are small fish that are packed with flavor and nutrients. Sardines are actually not a species, but rather different types of tiny fish....

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Bananas: Health Benefits & Recipe Tips

Americans love bananas, eating roughly 28 pounds of bananas per person per year (that's about 90 bananas!). Bananas are also an important — and often necessary — food...

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Turnips, a member of the brassica family of vegetables, have enjoyed their fair share of fame in the anticancer spotlight. Like all members of this cruciferous brassica family...

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Miso: Health Benefits & Recipe Tips

Miso is a salty paste that originates in Japan. It is made from soy, fermented and aged with varying amounts of added rice, barley or buckwheat among other...

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Avocados may get a bad rap for being high in fat, yet most of the fats in avocados are heart-healthy monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil...

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Historically used as a topical medicine and as a tonic to clean the bloodstream, celery is a crunchy vegetable that earns its green color and nutritional value from...

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Bay Leaves: The Herb in Every Kitchen

From ancient Greece across to the Indian subcontinent and East Asia, bay leaves have been used in cooking for millennia. They are the leaves the Greeks wove into...

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Orange You Glad? By Chelsea Fisher Oranges may seem like humble breakfast companions, but boy, this fruit is a champion in the nutrition department. How so? How about all this: According...