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Choose My Plate

By Ann Ogden on January 4, 2018

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The concept of Choose My Plate shouldn’t be news, but for many of us who are used to eating a traditional American diet heavy in meat, carbs, and processed foods it may be. A replacement for the outdated carb-heavy food pyramid, it originated from guidelines from the American Diabetes Association. Nutritionists have been using it to help cancer survivors to eat more healthily for years, which is where we first came across it. It provides an easy rule of thumb that helps us get enough cancer-protective fresh fruits and vegetables onto our plates and into our bodies for a healthy survivorship, and maybe lose a pound or two while we’re at it. It makes good sense, good eating, and is pretty user friendly. They recommend dividing your meals into:

You can use the plate anyway that works for you either as a template for every meal or as a way to make your whole day’s eating follow the plate. For example, here’s what a day could look like:

Breakfast and lunch together roughly balance out to My Plate, while dinner follows it (yes, tomatoes are fruit!). If you find yourself eating a carb-rich meal, you can make up for it by eating mostly non-starchy veggies and maybe some lean protein at your next meal.  It’s not that hard!

Take a stand for your health and choose My Plate!


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