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Healthy Holidays- Tips for Healthy Indulgence this Thanksgiving

By Elaine Guinan on November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, full of celebrations which are based on family and friends coming together in humble gratitude. Food is a huge part of thanksgiving, with many people looking at Thanksgiving as a ‘free-for-all’, where food can be eaten without consideration of the consequences.

While it’s important to enjoy your food, this can escalate to days, or months, of overeating. Thanksgiving is the start of the ‘Holiday Season’, a time where healthy habits can be abandoned for months on end. Here are our top tips to enjoy Thanksgiving while still being kind to your body


Remember, Thanksgiving only comes around once per year, and at Cook For Your Life, we believe in enjoying your food, with no guilt. While food is a huge focus of this holiday, it’s not the only important thing, so try to concentrate on good company and other things you are thankful for.



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