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How to Prepare For Chemotherapy

by Ann Ogden on June 22, 2017

When I was going through cancer treatment, I experienced bone wrenching fatigue. A pal of mine who knows I love to cook gave me a cookbook featuring recipes to help me beat it. I was excited to have something that might help, and eagerly opened it up only to put it down almost immediately. It was too complicated for my energy levels, so I decided to keep doing what I was already doing: cooking simple nutritious minimally processed food that I liked to eat and could make easily.

But my most important realization as I went through treatment was that if I wanted to eat well during chemo, I had to plan ahead to cope with the inevitable fatigue. My own chemo protocol had a 2 week cycle, and as bad as I felt on the days directly after my infusion, I knew that I would feel myself again for most of the second week. It was then that I would shop and cook for the freezer. I effectively created my own ‘in house’ convenience store, stocked up with favorite foods to nourish me during the down days that I knew only too well were coming. Here’s some tips gleaned from my own experience that I hope will help you too:

I hope these tips help you to get through your chemo journey. To get you started, try two of my favorite recipes:Chicken Pot Au Feu is high in both protein and comfort, and super easy to make. Carrot Soup is easy, veggie based, and uses less than 5 simple basic pantry ingredients for a simple yet delicious soup that can be eaten hot or chilled. Get your freezer ready and enjoy!

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