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In The Know: Buying Shrimp & Scallops

by CFYL Staff on June 8, 2017


Briny shrimp and sweet tasting scallops are delicious, quick cooking and very good for you. Both are high in protein and low in fat have a wide array of minerals and are rich in B-complex vitamins, particularly shrimp. Despite having high dietary cholesterol, shrimp are now considered heart healthy by the American Heart Association.

The downside is that unless you know what you’re looking for, buying shrimp and sea scallops can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Is it fresh or isn’t it? Nobody wants to buy the bad batch that makes you sick. Here are some simple rules of thumb when going for these two particular items.



There are many different kinds of shrimp, from giant grey Tigers from Asia and fat white shrimp from the Gulf, to tiny brown shrimp from Maine that you eat shell and all.


Scallops are bi-valves. The part we most commonly eat is the muscle that opens and shuts the shell. When sold on the shell, this muscle is surrounded by orange roe, or coral, which is also good to eat, though you don’t see it much in the US.

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