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Suggestions for a soft diet. Poached Pears

Maximizing nutrition on a soft diet

By Elaine Guinan on July 13, 2017

Many patients face issues with sore mouth during cancer treatment, which can lead to them following a soft diet. While soft diets are helpful, they can be ‘nutrient dilute’ meaning that eating enough calories to maintain weight is difficult.

If you are eating a soft diet and find you are losing weight, it is a good idea to ‘fortify’ your foods, meaning you add extra nutrition to them to make every bite count. Try the tips below, and be sure to consult your doctor if you have ongoing weight loss.

Remember, the tips below are just a guide which may help you find foods your enjoy, however it is important to follow the guidance of your doctor and speech pathologist regarding the safest texture for you, particularly if you require thickened fluids.

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