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Apple and Almond Butter Toast- anti-cancer recipes- cook for your life

Apple Recipes

Apples mean Fall. And sweetly too. They can be used beyond pie to add sweetness leafy green and chopped salads, roasted with chicken, stewed into compotes and sauce, baked into muffins, or just as a snack. And  if you’re feeling  nauseous, the old wive’s tale of eating a little grated apple to settle a queasy stomach seems to work like a charm. On top of that they’re rich in fiber and vitamin C.  No wonder we’re told to eat one a day!

In season: Apple-picking season begins in September and lasts through November. Apples are often kept in cold storage and can be bought year-round
How to buy: Look for apples that are firm with no bruises. Apples that feel heavier than they appear will be juicier. Different apples varietals have different levels of sweetness. Golden Delicious are sweeter than Braeburn or Pippins, which in their turn are sweeter than super tart Granny Smiths. And there are many others in between.
Storage: Keep apples in the crisper section of your refrigerator for the longest shelf life.
Read more about the health benefits of apples in this article. 

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