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Celebrate LGBTQ History Month: The Edible Rainbow

June is LGBT History Month. When I see the rainbow flags, I think of Stonewall, the sorrow of AIDS and so many friends lost, the activism it engendered, and the joy I felt when the LGBTQ community finally won the right to marry whoever they love. The rainbow represents LGBTQ Pride and community and the extraordinary, continuing story of the battle against prejudice and the demand for equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender which even today is not yet won. To me the rainbow also represents health, something vitally important for good quality of life for us all. It describes the cornucopia of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables that are our allies in the fight against cancer. To my mind, what could be better than for us all to celebrate this month with an edible rainbow of wonderful food? This menu has all the colors of the food rainbow, in all their delicious, healthy glory! Enjoy!

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