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Celebrate Passover – Healthy Ideas For Your Table!

Passover is the Jewish Spring festival that celebrates their liberation from Egyptian slavery.  The story of the Exodus is read while symbolic foods are eaten, bitter herbs often, horseradish and romaine, lamb, eggs, haroset, a mix of apples and nuts, vegetables or parsley dipped in salt water, and with these a special red wine is drunk. Only matzoh is eaten during Passover as no leavened foods are allowed, not even the grains that could possibly become fermented, which has lead to some pretty ingenious flourless baking.  Quinoa is acceptable since it’s not really a grain so we’ve included some recipes here for you, along with some salads of bitter greens, some soups, and some easy fish and chicken dishes, all deliciously healthy eats. On the not so healthy side, we’ve added some great flourless cookies and desserts, but if you’re looking for  something a bit healthier check out our video of how to make our delicious recipe for Baked Apple with Rosemary and Honey,  a wonderful Passover addition.

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