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Cool Beans and Grains – Protein Packed Summer Salads to Beat the Heat

Cool beans and grains make protein packed summer salads that are perfect treats. They are an easy, complete meal when it’s too hot outside to want to turn the stove on. One of the best things about them aside their tastiness and high nutrition profile is that they are ideal for repurposing leftover cooked grains or for using up canned beans. They literally take them to another level. Grains are versatile, so there are some dishes here that use grain products like pasta and couscous, while others can be cooked ahead of time and eaten at room temperature, like the stuffed tomatoes. And these recipes are to give you ideas, so if for example you don’t have farro in your cupboard, consider making the recipe with cooked brown rice or pearl barley. And since we’re talking versatile beans are it, from tiny lentils to nutty chickpeas and creamy cannellini beans – all are great tossed with spicy greens like arugula and a simple herby dressing. Yummy!

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