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Cool Breakfasts – No Heat Morning Treats

As I’m writing this, the morning is already hot outside, and the idea of  putting up a selection of cool breakfasts, or no-heat morning treats seems like a good one. Yes, some of these delish ideas will need some cooking at some point – hello little apple quinoa muffins and hardboiled eggs – but not as you’re trying to get out the door.  Hot summer mornings aside, the other upside of these recipes is that cold and room temperature foods are often easier to eat during chemo as they have less smell. These cool breakfasts can be kept in the fridge and eaten in small amounts on an as-needed basis, perhaps with one of our crunchy granolas on the side as a snack.  Who doesn’t like breakfast all day? And protein packed hard-boiled eggs are great standbys for anyone, in or out of treatment. Sliced onto avocado toast with perhaps a dash of hot sauce they are the new classic. Stay cool!

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