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Pumpkin & Arugula Salad with Hazelnuts- anti-cancer recipes- cook for your life

Cruciferous Arugula – The Healthy Salad Green

When it comes to salad greens, cruciferous arugula  is one of my absolute favorites. I always have it in my fridge. It’s versatile in the kitchen, bringing all the goodness of that cancer fighting family onto your plate in easy salads, soups and beyond. It’s bitter peppery flavor perks up otherwise dull tasting salads, and it makes a deliciously healthy  fresh tasting foil to meals as diverse as turkey cutlets, heros and pizza.  It’s also great to cook with. I use it in the same way as baby spinach to add its bright green goodness and fresh flavor to pasta or soup right at the end of cooking. We even have a great chimichurri made with it. Yum!

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