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Cruciferous Vegetables, anti-cancer recipes - Cook For Your Life

Cruciferous Veggies – The Cancer Fighters!

Cruciferous veggies are more than just soup greens. Turns out they are the ultimate cancer fighters! Packed with cancer protective phytonutrients and vitamins, like antioxidant vitamin C, they are there for us in the winter months when these things are scarce in the natural world, and help to keep us healthy the rest of the year. They come in many shapes and forms, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips (yes, turnips), kohlrabi, even spicy arugula. As we said at the beginning, you can do a lot more with cruciferous veggies than make soup with them. They are truly versatile in the kitchen. Here’s a selection of recipes to give you a ton of ideas to put their cancer fighting power to use in your kitchen, and in you! Learn more about these delicious members of the cabbage family here.

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