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Don’t Give up Taste for Lent – Delicious Food Ideas

For observant Christians, Lent is traditionally a time of fasting and self discipline as they reflect upon repentance in advance of Easter. In the past this would mean giving up rich foods including meats, sweets and wines, for a simpler, humbler diet of vegetables, grains and fish combined with fasting, maybe eating just once a day.  Nowadays, we have a more prosaic attitude, and during Lent many choose to to give up perhaps a favorite TV show, or candy, soda, or snacks.  But the idea of the old Lenten diet resonates with me. Not so very long ago eating an abundance of meats, sweets and drinking good wine meant worldly wealth, and giving these up was a penance in a real sense. Today, we know that giving up these same foods actually favors our health and wellbeing, and that eating these foods means having to give up neither flavor nor enjoyment. Fasting for Lent could be a distinct benefit to our health, and less of a penance after all.

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