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Eat Well, Eat Safely – Anti-microbial Ideas for the Holidays

For those with a neutropenia, and for their caregivers, eating microbe-free during the Holidays can feel like a bit of a minefield to put it mildly. No-one really understands the difficulties of this diet unless they’ve been through it, how casual contact with microbes that wouldn’t phase their systems, can send you running to the emergency room, that food has to be properly cooked and properly handled. This doesn’t mean food that’s dull or burnt to a cinder.  To prove our point, and make things a little easier for you and yours, we’ve put together some deliciously festive food ideas that will not only help you to to eat safely but well, food that will surely please others too. Remember that as a general rule any black pepper or fresh herbs we add at the end should be cooked for 3 minutes either stirred into the food itself or in a little oil before adding. And, although we are very fond of it, steer clear of using live yogurt as a garnish.

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