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Eggs Recipes

Eggs are a complete, protein packed food. For a long while, the consumption of whole eggs was thought to raise cholesterol in the body, but more recent research has shown this not to be true, and eggs have now been given a pass by organizations like the American Heart Association. In the kitchen they can provide the cook with quick solutions for protein packed easy breakfasts, fast lunches, and simple suppers. And if you’re a baker, muffins and cakes too.
How to buy:
There is no real difference between brown or white eggs, they just come from different breed of hen. Always buy cage-free, antibiotic and hormone free eggs, if available. Check to make sure that your eggs are not cracked before buying. Eggs bought from the greenmarket can sometimes be of mixed sizes, so be mindful of the size if purchasing eggs for a baking recipe.
Keep eggs in the fridge until expiration date. Older eggs nearing their expiration are best for hard boiled eggs. The shells will peel better. Hard boiled eggs can stay in the refrigerator for up to one week.
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