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omega 3 - Cook For Your Life- anti-cancer recipe

Fabulous Fish – Getting your omega 3s from the sea

When it comes to omega 3 oils, so much seafood is good for us! Not only well known favorites like salmon, but also mussels and clams, bluefin tuna and especially herring, mackerel and sardines. These last three are nutrition powerhouses, but can be strong smelling when they cook, and are best cooked with a lot of ventilation. Summer BBQs are the perfect occasions, when they are delicious eaten simply grilled and drizzled with lemon. But canned versions of these fish are easily used and more user friendly in the odor department as you’ll find with some of the great new recipes featured in this menu. And that great omega 3 standby, salmon is well represented in this menu too, as are other fish recipes rich in omega 3 oils that include tuna, halibut, sea bass and cod. We’ve also included mussels, which are a good cheap source of omega 3 along with B vitamins and many minerals. The mussel recipe we’ve chosen is also good when made with small clams, another great source of this essential oil. Enjoy!

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