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Spicy Pasta with Kale & Almonds - Cook For Your Life - anti cancer recipes

Our Favorite Winter Pasta Recipes

It’s a good time for some of our favorite winter pasta dishes, and this collection of recipes includes our basic tomato sauce and a pearl couscous dish, which is pasta by another name. Pastas are one of the most predictably speedy meals you can make. You can rustle up most of the pasta dishes we’ve selected here in the time it would take for a food delivery to reach you from a restaurant. Only the baked dishes will take longer, and not by much either. Your food will be piping hot, and chances are you’ll have made a far healthier food choice than if you’d ordered in. But isn’t pasta a high carb, high calorie food?  Yes it is, so instead of eyeballing the quantities or tipping an entire pack of pasta into the pot, always weigh out dry pasta before you cook it. A serving is just 2 oz per person. And if you make a salad to accompany the more traditional recipes and don’t skimp on the veggies you add to the sauce, you’ll end up with a satisfying, veggie rich,  relatively low calorie, nutritious pasta dinner to be enjoyed guilt free!

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