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Broiled Cod with Puttanesca Sauce - Bacalao a la Parrilla con Salsa Putanesca - Cook for Your Life- anti-cancer recipes

Fish 101 – Easy Ways to Cook Our Favorite Dish!

Fish is our favorite dish. Not only is it very good for us, especially for all of us in the cancer community, it is a great source of healthy lean protein, cooks quickly, is high in healthy fats, and is completely delicious. But I know from our classes that many of you don’t like to cook it either because you’re worried about the smell, or, and this is the reason I come across most frequently, you’re not comfortable buying or cooking fish. To solve this we’ve created this 101 menu to help with the cooking. The recipes in these easy dishes solve two main problems in the kitchen: baking fish or cooking it ‘en papillotte’ (in a bag!) lessens the smell, and simple dishes like Tuna Pasta, or Quick Fish Stew taste like they took hours to make but in reality are super fast and pretty much foolproof. Give our fish 101 a go.

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