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Go with the Grain – Whole Grains in a Starring Role

If you’re not used to cooking with whole grains, it’s easy to dismiss them as time consuming and inconvenient. Please think again. Whole grains are rich in the fiber, minerals and phyto-nutrients, that are all important elements of a healthy cancer protective diet. When the grains are polished and refined, they lose not only fiber but all of their most valuable nutrients are literally thrown away with it – check it out. This means that white flour and white rice become practically pure starches that can fast-track glucose into our systems causing havoc over time.
To help you ease into the world of whole grains, here are some tips to help you along:
– Always buy plain rolled oats, never oatmeal with added flavor. They are full of sugar. You can add your own fruit and flavorings
– Brown rice takes time to cook but it freezes well. If you’re making some, don’t make single servings make more than you need and freeze it in portion sizes ready to defrost it on a weekday night when you want something quick.
– If that doesn’t grab you, try quinoa. It has a great nutrition profile, has complete protein and cooks like white rice. You can also freeze it.
– Farro and wheat berries can be soaked overnight, or while you’re at work to reduce cooking time.
– Dry toast millet before cooking to give it a wonderful nutty flavor.
And to put this into action, here are some of of our favorite recipes that take whole grains beyond side dishes and into the spotlight.

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