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Going Green – Collard Green Recipes

Collard greens. I won’t forget the first time I ate them at Sylvia’s in Harlem. I was fresh off the boat from Paris, and I’d literally never seen them before. We’d had a similar Spring green in the UK, but it tasted nothing like this smoky marvel!  Collard greens are a fabulously tasty member of the cancer fighting cruciferous family. They are rich in vitamins A,C,K and Folate, and also in minerals like calcium, making them a great addition to a vegetarian diet.  Early summer is a great time to get into collard greens recipes, when you can buy bunches of tender young greens at the farmer’s market. Traditional collard greens recipes are slow cooked with a smoked ham hock, but for a completely vegetarian version that’s nitrite-free, you can get the same flavor by braising them with smoked paprika. But you can also use collard greens in very non-traditional ways, in frittatas, soups, stews even shredded into strips for a deliciously spicy green olio, aglio pepperoncino pasta! And our Cornbread with collard greens is out of this world! Go green, go collards!

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