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BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Broccoli Slaw- anti-cancer recipe- cook for your life

Healthy Holiday: Labor Day

Holidays are synonymous with unhealthy food, but they don’t have to be. With the abundance of fruits and vegetables at the end of summer, come Labor Day it’s easy to make tasty, healthy food that will please everyone. In many studies, high consumption of red meat has been linked to a higher risk of cancer, but certain marinades and herb combinations can help cut down on the carcinogens as you grill, so check our marinades for fish and meat, and read our tips about how to eat red meat more safely too.  It’s also very easy to cook up other tasty options for your upcoming barbecue that are healthier, so check out our yummy lean poultry and fish substitutes, I’m thinking about our spicy Indian style chicken burgers and yummy salmon burgers.  Or if you want to go the completely veggie route take a look at our fabulous menu of vegan cookout options.  Have a happy, healthy holiday Labor Day. Eat well, have fun!

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