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Healthy Packable Lunches

A survey (http://bit.ly/1XzsRYO) recently released by our partner Cancer and Careers (http://bit.ly/1XzsTA3) found that many people diagnosed with cancer prefer to continue working through treatment if they feel well enough. In fact, many people diagnosed feel that the regular routine of working helps maintain normalcy in their lives. To help out those who want to or need to continue working through cancer treatment here is a list of easy, packable lunch recipes and some tips so you can make healthy choices while at the office.

Make a batch of soup at the beginning of the week and either bag and freeze it, or freeze it in individual servings you can grab straight from the freezer to throw in your bag.
Wash all fruits and vegetables when you get back from the grocery store so if you can’t get to a sink before lunch the pesticides have already been removed.
Bring healthy snacks like whole wheat tortilla chips or pre-cut vegetables to avoid unhealthy snacks.
Make an investment in good tupperware, it will make packing lunch easier so you’ll be more likely to do it.

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