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Just Desserts – Sweet & Simple Treats

When I was going through chemotherapy I, like many cancer patients, developed a fierce sweet tooth. The easy thing would have been to buy over the counter desserts, but when I did, I found them to be overly sugary, and on inspection of the ingredients, loaded with unhealthy fats, not to mention a gaggle of unpronounceable preservatives. That still left me with my sweet tooth, so I decided to make my own sweet treats. Now I know that when you are fatigued, the last thing you may want to do is spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, so we’ve put together some easy recipes that are simple and even relaxing to make, a welcome break from the rounds of treatment. They are perfect for a little afternoon or weekend treat, and you can take pride and comfort in the fact that you know what’s in them, with less sugar and fat, and none of chemicals found in their shop-bought counterparts. That said, however tempted, don’t eat the whole thing. Enjoy these treats in moderation!  Bon appetit!

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