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Good Eats On The Low Iodine Diet!

Thyroid cancer is often treated with Radioactive Iodine Therapy, and it is very important for those undergoing this therapy to bring their bodies’ iodine levels down before they start. This means eating a low iodine diet for a short while in preparation, and avoiding all foods that are high in iodine. Iodized salt is a good place to start. For once it’s not the sodium that’s the issue, it’s the added iodine. This in turn means avoiding most processed or packaged foods as these usually have iodized salt added to them. Also rich in iodine and to be avoided are foods like sea salt, seaweeds and sea vegetables, seafood, red dye #3, packaged baked goods, egg yolks and whole eggs, chocolate, potato skins, beans, soybeans and soy products, and all dairy products. Reading this list can feel like there’s nothing left to eat, but we are here to remind you that there are still plenty of great tasting, nourishing foods you can eat on this diet, like fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds and nut butters and milks, healthy oils like olive oil,  and lean proteins. In fact since so many of our fallback foods are on the ‘no’ list, this could be an excellent opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons and use this diet as a springboard to get into the kitchen and start cooking. Below are some of our favorite recipes that just happen to fit into a low iodine diet. You’ll quickly see that it really doesn’t have to be dull. For more tips visit the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association website .

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