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Quick Summer Pasta- cook for your life- anti-cancer recipes

Lycopene – The Summer Antioxidant

Lycopene, the Summer antioxidant! Lycopene is found in summery favorites like watermelon, sweet red peppers and pink grapefruit. Asparagus and red cabbage both have a fair amount too, while tropical fruits like papayas and guavas are particularly rich in lycopene. But tomatoes are among the richest sources of all, and the most commonly eaten. They are at their best in the summertime when there are arguably few things more delicious than a juicy ripe beefsteak tomato with fresh basil. But tomatoes are wonderful cooked into pasta sauces and soups too, which is just as well. The lycopene in tomatoes becomes more bioavailable when they are cooked, especially in combo with a healthy fat like olive oil, making those homemade pastas and soups  extra nutritious. It also means that in the winter months canned tomatoes are a great choice for cooked sauces and for lycopene. But winter is months away. Let’s enjoy the lycopene rich fruits of summer!

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