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On A Low Fiber Diet? Recipe Ideas to Make It Easier

Although it may be necessary for one’s internal comfort, being put on a low fiber diet results in one of those food lists both patients and caregivers dread getting. There are so many ‘no’s that cooking a normal balanced meal seems almost impossible, especially since a lot of the items on the list’s positive side are animal proteins and dairy, easy to wrap one’s head around as long as you’re not a vegetarian. But since many of you are, and keeping true to our goal of helping our readers eat their 5-a-day,  we’ve decided to pay more attention to the veggie side of things for you.  If you like broccoli and cauliflower, only eat the florets, not the stems, and cook them well as in the soup we recommend here. Remember to peel root veg well and remove all gnarly bits. Peeled and cored fruits like apples and pears, also bananas and mangoes can be eaten too, plus you can still enjoy tomatoes and cucumbers as long as you peel and de-seed them. And although you should avoid berries, seeds and  nuts – smooth nut butters can past muster.  Not quite so bad after all. Enjoy!

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