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One pot meals- anti-cancer recipes- cook for your life

One Pot Meals

When you’re going through cancer treatment, at the times when even the mere thought of cooking a nutritious and revitalizing meal makes you feel tired, one pot meals come to the rescue. Every culture around the world has one-pot meals in their cuisines, from stews to noodle soups. These time-saving meals require very little effort on the cooking side and minimal clean up. Some originate from a time when communal ovens were used for baking and you had to get as much of the good stuff into one pot as possible, or when you only had one fire to cook over. Modern kitchens mean we don’t have to depend on the baker’s generosity anymore nor do we have to cook over one heat source, but we still love the time and energy savings these tasty one pot meals bring. And when it comes to stews, slow cookers make the cooking even more effortless. Here are some of our favorites.

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