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Potato Recipes

Potatoes can make so much more than mash and fries. Here are some great potato recipe ideas to up the potato ante. Buy waxy potatoes for potato salads, galettes and steamed potatoes. Starchy make the best roast potatoes and mash. Yukon Gold, although falling into the waxy category, are terrific all rounders in the kitchen and a CFYL favorite.

In season: Potatoes can be found year-round. New potatoes are best in the spring and summer.
How to buy: Potatoes should be firm, free of cracks, ‘eyes,’ and a greenish tint.
Storage: Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator, instead keep them in a cool, dark place. Waxy potatoes, like fingerlings, Red Bliss or  Yukon Gold, should be used within a week. Starchier potatoes like Russets or Idahos, can be stored for several months.

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