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Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza- anti-cancer recipes- cook for your life

Pre-Chemo Pig Out

Chemotherapy has a predictable yet insidious rhythm to it. I always used to find the couple of days leading up to my chemo infusions bittersweet. Sweet because I was finally back to my old self; bitter because I knew that very soon I’d be feeling sub-human again, so I chose to revel in the ‘feeling good’ part. That would usually involve eating lots of things that weren’t going to look so good in a day or two; aka the pre-infusion pig-out. Many of my chemo co-sufferers felt the same. As soon as the last drop of chemo drugs had dripped into our veins, while we still felt like eating we’d end this grace period with a final fling in the diner to bulk up with deliciously ill-gotten calories. This can actually be advisable, as it can give you some reserves to work with before you start feeling unwell. Now if you don’t feel like the diner, while the going’s good, get cooking some of these yummy foods at home to revel in, and frankly pig-out on. Enjoy!

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