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Salty & Sweet – Savory Ways with Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is underrated. It’s more than just a snack or something extra to add to cookies and cakes, it’s a great pantry standby that lets you add complex sweetness to savory foods. Using dried fruit for sweetness and flavor is a classic technique in Mediterranean cooking that has it’s roots in the cuisines of North Africa and the Middle East. Yes, dried fruit has sugar, lots of it, but it also has the fiber, minerals, and nutrients of fresh fruit so if you’re craving sweetness in your salad dressing, add a teaspoon of raisins or chopped dates to it. It’s far better for you than adding table sugar or honey, and a less dangerous way to eat dried fruit than snacking it straight out the bag, after all it is delicious, and can be difficult to stop eating once you start! Try these recipes. They should give you a ton of ideas to get started using it the savory way. Enjoy!

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