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soothing soups- Chicken with Ginger Broth- cook for your life- anti cancer recipes

Soothing Soups

Soothing soups nourish, comfort and soothe us when we feel tired or ill, and are the #1 standby for those going through cancer treatment. They provide meals that are easy to sip on with the nutrients and calories needed to keep our strength up when we don’t feel much like eating. Since what counts as a soothing soup can mean different things to different people, we’ve chosen a pretty broad collection for you, from winter minestrone (my go-to), through miso and veggie based soups to some pretty delicious classic chicken soups. Many of the soups here can be pureed for sore mouths, and,  to make them smoother and more nutritious, a little butter, cream cheese, full fat yogurt or even avocado can be added. Enjoy!

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