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Spicy Hot! South Asian Style Dishes

My origins are British, and British people love South Asian food and all things curry. I am no exception. This recipe selection puts together some spicy hot dishes that are inspired by the basic flavors, techniques and spices of this cuisine. Many of these spices have antioxidant properties making them more than just an extraordinary  taste sensation. Most of the dishes here celebrate the diversity of the vegetable world and are vegetarian, even vegan. Many are gluten free to boot. In fact South Asian food has a strong vegetarian tradition, and is terrific for those who follow plant based diets in general. Extra protein, and soothing coolness,  can be added in the form of a dollop plain yogurt.  We’ve added a cilantro marinade to this menu as it closely resembles the coriander chutney so often found with Northern Indian tandoori cooking and makes a delicious marinade for simple white fish. Also thrown in are some desserts, some loosely, some closely inspired by this delicious way of cooking. Enjoy!

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