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Start the Day Right – Our Favorite Vegan Breakfasts

Back in the day, I used to frequently travel in Japan for my work. I loved the traditional breakfast they would serve – miso soup, rice, smoked fish, pickles, all topped with an egg. It made me realize that what I’d thought of as breakfast food was really pretty limited. For a healthy, hearty vegan breakfast, it’s worth rethinking what breakfast is, especially if you’re new to the vegan way. Looking at my Japanese breakfast, you could entertain the idea of starting your day with miso soup, rice and pickles instead of cereal. There’s also kitchari from India, and closer to home a delish tofu scramble. We’ve also included tofu or tempeh sandwiches, both of which can be eaten for lunch too. And there’s oatmeal and granola too! Check out our list and see what tempts you.

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