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Lavender lemonade, Summer coolers, non alcoholic drinks- cook for your life- anti-cancer recipes

Thirst Quenching Summer Coolers

Mmmm…thirst quenching summer coolers. From lemonades and slushies to iced teas, these refreshing non alcoholic drinks are perfect for the crowd at your summer BBQ, or are simply great ideas to help cancer patients cut through the blahs of chemo palate and keep them deliciously well hydrated on a hot day. Drinking enough liquids can be difficult during chemo. Taste changes, a.k.a. chemo palate, can make favorite drinks taste odd and unpleasant, and even give plain water a downright disgusting mineral taste. This drink selection offers different yummy strategies to beat this tricky problem. If you don’t find your bliss among them, experiment with lengthening fruit juices with water to cut down on the sugar, or use club soda instead of plain water to add some festive fizz to tickle your palate. Either way, there’s something here to refresh everyone!

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