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(Healthier) Pumpkin Pie - Cook For Your Life- anti-cancer recipes

Thanksgiving Desserts – Healthy or Not Here They Come!

Ah, those delicious Thanksgiving desserts are on the way. They say that by the end of October Americans weigh the lightest they will weigh for the rest of the year, after that, it’s all downhill. The Holidays and all the indulgences we enjoy have a lot to do with that phenom, and most of us will find ourselves a few pounds heavier come January 1st. Keeping a healthy weight is particularly prudent for those of us who have been through the cancer experience, yet the Holidays are a time of treats and at Cook for Your Life, we believe in treats. Occasionally.  Our advice is to pace yourselves, and although it’s not always possible to refuse that extra slice of your favorite Auntie’s pie, eat small portions of dessert when you can, hold off on the store bought candies, sweets and snacks that tempt from all around the house, and for sure resist the urge to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast. To help you get through Turkey Day desserts with some modicum of healthy eating, the choices in this menu are a mix of the naughty for sure, with some scrumptious treats that will actually give you less sugary, lighter options than most traditional recipes with all the deliciousness the season demands intact! Enjoy!

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