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Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Thyroid cancer is often treated with Radioactive Iodine Therapy, and in preparation it is very important for those undergoing this therapy to eat a low-iodine diet for a short while. This means avoiding all foods that are high in iodine, starting with iodized salt. It’s not the sodium that’s the issue, it’s the added iodine. This means avoiding most processed or packaged foods as these usually have iodized salt added to them, a good reason to get cooking. Also rich in iodine and to be avoided are foods like sea salt, seaweeds and sea vegetables, seafood, red dye #3, packaged baked goods, egg yolks and whole eggs, chocolate, potato skins, beans, soybeans and soy products,  and all dairy products. That can seem like a huge list of “no-nos” but while you go through this difficult time, we are here to remind you that there are still plenty of great, nourishing things you can eat and many are gentle on your mouth and throat. Below are some of our favorite low-iodine recipes. For more tips on a low-iodine diet visit the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association website .

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