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Weeknight Meal Hacks – Meals in a Hurry!

Managing to cook healthy meals on a weeknight is a conundrum we are all familiar with. When you’re tired and hungry, it’s tempting to pick up something prepared from your local market or to punch your favorite restaurant number into your phone to order in or take out, even more so if you’re going through cancer treatment fatigue. But we know those boxes of ‘all natural’ or ‘home made’ prepared foods in the freezer aisle are far from it. They are full of undecipherable ingredients that seem more at home in the lab than on our dinner tables. And restaurants, who knows how much fat, salt and sugar they add to make their food taste decent? We don’t have to go there. These easy weeknight meal hacks give you dishes can be thrown together in the time it takes for the delivery guy to ring your bell. Pizzas can be quickly made on pita breads, pastas or frittatas speedily thrown together. If you use your freezer, and make some of these recipes ahead of time, all you have to do is defrost, heat up and chow down. After all, a supper of a hearty, genuinely homemade soup and some good bread is a beautiful, satisfying thing.

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