In the New Year, we like to help all the novice cooks out there with some basics. In this class, Ann shows you how easy it is to cook healthy basic options like brown rice and quinoa and legumes like lentils and white beans. Look and learn!

Brown Rice

Brown rice is full of minerals and vitamins, not to mention fiber. In this short video, Ann shows you that making the perfect brown rice has never been easier you just need to allow time for it to cook. It freezes well so it's worth making a batch to use for quick meals on the fly. Look and learn!

Basic Lentils

Dried lentils are cheap, tasty and extremely nutritious. They are packed with protein, iron and folate, and are a great addition to a plant based diet. As they are one of the few legumes that don't need soaking before cooking, we don't recommend buying them canned as we do other beans - they're too easy to cook. Watch Ann cook a batch in this short video and you'll see what we mean. Look and learn!

Basic White Beans

This is Ann's tried and tested basic recipe for cooking dried white beans. You can use the same method for black beans too. Our website will give you seasoning ideas for them. Just remember, dried beans will not soften if cooked in salted water, so do not add any salt or commercial stock products until the beans are soft. The garlic, oil and herbs will give them plenty of flavor. It’s easy. Look and learn!

Basic Quinoa

Quinoa is a super grain, and as Ann shows you in this video, it is super easy to cook. Quinoa takes the same time to cook as white rice, but with all the nutrients and fiber it brings to the table it is so much better for you. Often referred to as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed that, unlike most carbohydrates, can boast being a complete protein, so if you need a wholegrain carb to go along with a meal but don’t have time to wait for brown rice to cook, reach for quinoa instead. Look and learn.