Basic Knife Skills are at the heart of all cooking. Despite all the ads on late night TV for gadgets that are supposed to make cutting your veggies and herbs quick and easy, in the long run you’re better off buying a good quality knife and mastering these skills. They are what will make everything you do in the kitchen become easier. In the videos that follow you will learn how to cut some of the most basic kitchen staples, carrots, onion and garlic, as well as one of the best ways to cut dark leafy greens like kale for salads

Chopping Carrots

This quick video will show you easy, safe ways to cut all sizes of carrot into skinny, quick cooking julienne matchsticks for stir-fries and also how to cut them into both the small and large dice that are at the base of so many soups and stews.

Chopping Onions

Onions are used everywhere in cooking to give flavor to soups and stews, yet despite being so common in so many cuisines, people often find cutting them difficult. No more. Here are the best ways to slice and dice this flavorful aromatic veggie.

Greens: Chiffonade

There are many ways to cut greens, and one of my favorites is the chiffonade. Once you have removed the tough stems, it is the perfect method for finely cutting the tougher greens like kale and cabbage. Cutting them this way tenderizes them perfectly for eating raw in either salads or slaws.

Easiest ways to chop Garlic

Garlic is a super healthy aromatic that like onion is used widely in all cuisines. In this video you will learn which parts to use, the best way to remove the dry skin by lightly crushing the clove with the flat of your knife, then how to slice, chop and finely mince the cloves once they are peeled. If you can leave chopped or crushed garlic to sit for 10 minutes before cooking. This exposure to the air will allow its cancer fighting enzymes to develop before you use it.