Canned beans are one of the most useful pantry items to keep around if you want to move toward a more plant-based diet. Rich in fiber and protein, they are one of the unsung heroes of the veggie kitchen. Before using any canned beans, always drain and rinse off the salty liquid they are canned in before using, even with low sodium varieties. Other than that, they couldn’t be easier to use, as you’ll learn from the different kinds of beans we use to make the delicious salads soups and chilis featured in this class. They make it easy to throw together nutritious veggie meals in a hurry. Look and learn!

Easy Grandma’s Minestrone

This is my Italian grandma’s recipe. My Mum gave it to me years ago when I left home so I wouldn’t starve, and it became my go-to during chemo. As kids we used to call it Jungle Soup because of all the veggies in it, and we loved it. You’ll certainly get your 5-a-day when you make this! Grandma always used fresh borlotti beans from her garden, but it’s perfectly delicious and less time consuming made with canned beans either white cannellini or red kidney beans. It’s simply yummy. Enjoy!

Tuna and Cranberry Bean Salad

This Fresh Cranberry Bean & Tuna Salad is an easy classic salad to make in the late summer when the first cranberry beans, start to show up at the Farmers’ Market. Although cooking the beans takes away their pretty markings, their creamy, nutty taste shines through. But at the end of the day this is a perfect year round dish because you can get this taste of summer anytime by using canned pinto or cannellini beans that have been rinsed and drained. As this video shows, it’s really easy to make, and you’ll get a yummy salad dressing out of it too. Look and learn!

Collard Greens and White Bean Soup

This delicious soup of collard greens & white beans is a quick and easy way to use these anti-cancer nutrient packed dark, leafy greens. I like to use cannellini beans, but any small canned white bean will do, just drain and rinse them before adding them to the soup. Thanks to the beans, eaten with a chunk of good wholegrain bread, this soup is an easy veggie meal that will bring complete protein to your plate, making it a nourishing comfort food during cancer treatment and a perfect light supper in survivorship. It freezes well too! Enjoy!