During cancer treatment your doctor may put you on a bland diet. A bland diet is made up of foods that are generally easy to digest and is recommended after bowel and pancreatic surgeries or any other surgery that involves altering your GI system. It’s also recommended to soothe a variety of digestive disorders all of which can be side effects of chemo, including digestive upset, nausea, diarrhea, even for mouth sores. Although the food list looks like culinary purgatory, Ann will show you that bland doesn’t have to mean meals lacking in variety or flavor, nor are they difficult to make. Look and learn!

Basic Poached Salmon

Poaching is an almost foolproof way of cooking fish - you’ll be amazed by just how easy it is! This basic poached salmon is one of the simplest, low odor ways to cook this nutritious oily fish, especially when you want to eat something light and easy to digest, but that’s still tasty. Look and Learn!

Sweet Potato Fries

A bland diet is low fat and fiber, yet lightly oiling and roasting peeled veggies is especially good when you’re on a bland diet since baking them intensifies their flavor making them a truly tasty treat! Healthy and comforting sweet potato fries are a case in point. They are the perfect side for many meals. Just remember to peel them first. Enjoy!

Strawberry Compote

Fruits need to be cooked on a bland diet and compotes are a great way of adding them in. Compotes are great for those going through chemo too. Easy to make, they keep well in the fridge, and taste so much better than commercially canned fruit! This ultra quick, super easy strawberry compote can be made with fresh or frozen fruit , and will satisfy your sweet tooth in minutes. Enjoy!

Potato Rosemary Risotto

This no-stir risotto is real Italian soul food and the epitome of comfort on a bland diet. My mother would make it for me when I felt ill as a small child, and it always helped me to feel better. It’s super easy to cook, and tastily nourishes while it soothes. It’s delicious too. Try it!

Zucchini Ricotta Pizza

Nobody going through cancer treatment should have to give up pizza. This Zucchini Ricotta Pizza is delicious and perfect for a vegetarian weeknight meal. With this recipe we make sure everyone gets to eat some, even those on a bland diet. All you have to do is change up the whole wheat naan bread for the version that’s made with white flour. Turn the oven on, tuck in and enjoy!