Salad dressings are super easy to make. All you need are 3 kitchen basics to make them: olive oil, acidic vinegar or citrus, and salt to taste. These 3 ingredients can be used to make a slew of other dishes, which is why store bought dressings are a pet peeve of ours. Why spend money on something pre-made that’s full of salt, sugar, preservatives and fake flavorings, and that’s only got 1 use? Ditch the bottles and let Ann show you just how easy it is to make your own! Look and learn!

Yogurt Caesar Dressing

If you’re on chemo and don’t want to risk eating the raw egg in your favorite Caesar Salad, look no further. This super simple eggless Yogurt Caesar Dressing will satisfy any Caesar cravings you may be experiencing, and in fact is a lighter great tasting substitute for anytime. It’s yummy on steamed veggies too, not just Romaine, so look and learn!

Lemony Citrus Dressing with Pink Peppercorns

Our Lemony Citrus Dressing with Pink Peppercorns is a deliciously tart, fresh tasting dressing that is the perfect thing to jazz up simple leafy salad greens, or to add bite to a mellow, grainy salad like Summery Farro Salad. The pink peppercorns go in whole, and are soft enough to crunch on. Their flavor turns a simple vinaigrette dressing into something really special. Enjoy!

Healthy Ranch Dressing

This Healthy Yogurt Ranch Dressing is a favorite in the CFYL office. Creamy Greek yogurt is the key to this delicious version. Thanks to the yogurt, it has fewer calories than classic Ranch recipes, more protein and a lot less fat. Better yet, it sacrifices none of the ‘ranch’ taste we’ve come to know and love. Try it!

Mustard Vinaigrette

This lighter version of Basic Mustard Vinaigrette is good with just about any salad, whether made from deliciously crunchy greens, or lightly steamed veggies like potatoes, green beans or even broccoli. It gets its lightness from cutting down on the oil and blending in a little water. I like to make it French style, directly in the bottom of the salad bowl and piling the salad on top to toss when I’m ready. If you like garlic, for a light touch just cut a clove in half and rub it around the bowl you will be using for the dressing. Just make sure it is ceramic or wood, as this won’t work on a stainless steel bowl. Enjoy!