When it comes to dessert, gluten free doesn’t have to be difficult or full of chemical gluten substitutes. For starters, fruits are naturally gluten free, as are nuts and corn. All are great to use to satisfy your sweet tooth, gluten free. In this class we’re going to show you easy techniques that will turn almonds into cookies, fruits into scrumptious desserts and transform sweet corn on the cob into sweet little cakes packed with blueberries, all gluten free. Enjoy!

Baked Apples with Rosemary and Honey

These apples are always a good quick way to make a healthy, gluten free dessert, hot or cold. All you need are some tart/sweet apples like Braeburns or Pink Ladies and an oven, any oven even a toaster oven! Buy smaller apples if you can and allow one per person, otherwise split the usual large supermarket apples in half.

Strawberry Compote

Compotes are a great way to add fruit to your diet while going through chemo as cooking it makes it easier to digest. It’s also great any time you want to add fiber and flavor to breakfasts, or get a simple touch of sweetness after a meal. Strawberries make quick and easy compotes, and although we’re going to use fresh strawberries today, compote is one of the best uses for frozen. Yum!

Poached Pears

Poaching hard fruits like pears and apples is super easy to do, and delicious to eat. Poached pears are a favorite. They not only make great desserts, they are a perfect way eat this fruit during cancer treatment. You can make them as simple or as exotic tasting as you want by adding different spices to the poaching liquid. Try it.

Mini Blueberry Buckle Cakes

Who knew crunchy, sweet gluten-free fresh corn on the cob could turn into these light, custardy dairy-free Mini Blueberry Buckle Cakes? Although sweet tasting, these decadent, rich little cakes are low in added sugar, thanks to the corn, and you will learn the easy technique of using egg whites to add lightness to your baking. Enjoy!

Almond Cookies

These deliciously addictive gluten free cookies have just 3 ingredients. Great to nibble on their own, they are one of my favorite treats to eat with poached fruits and compotes – they turn them into chic desserts. And make sure not to overcook them – they shouldn’t brown except for a little on their undersides. The tops should remain creamy colored, almost white.